Construction Site Lynn Lane Houston, TexasAre websites worth the investment?

As an underground utility contractor, you work extremely hard to manage costs. So, cost-effective marketing is an extremely important part of your business. This often means that things like websites become outdated or you choose to have no website at all.

But as we barrel toward 2020 at breakneck speed, that model is going to have to change. First impressions matter. A modern, functional website is now part of making a good first impression to prospective employees, prospective customers and to the communities where you are working.

Skilled employees are on the hunt for work in (what is currently) a booming economy in Houston. From oil and gas to technology and healthcare, Houston in hiring. How do contractors looking to grow their workforce attract these skilled individuals into their business? The answer is online.

How do you attract the top talent?

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The first place people turn when looking for a job is not the want ads. Now, they head straight to the Internet. The majority do it from a mobile phone, not from a PC. Can your business be found online? If not, then you may be missing out on the next great estimator, superintendent or operator who could be a real asset to your business.

Are cities and municipalities looking for you online? You bet they are. Those municipal employees want to be able to capture all the pertinent information they can about your business by going to your website. They want to see pictures of your work and hear how you were able to overcome the challenges you faced on your last project. They want to see your certifications and find out if your business is a good fit for projects they are going to advertise.

How Important are First Impressions?

What about the communities where you work? Are residents able to read reviews from past work where you improved drainage or replaced an aging water or sanitary line? Being able to go to a company website and read reviews from happy residents goes a long way in putting people at ease. You are there to help people by improving their quality of life. Sure, there are going to be some inconveniences along the way, but if people go into a project knowing that you are going to see it through and do your best to minimize those bumps, then everyone is going to be better off.

There is another audience that would love to be able to research your business online. As the media picks up the story of our aging infrastructure and blasts it across the country and around the world, investors are seeing dollar signs. Companies that want to expand into an area will try to find established businesses to partner with or purchase. A good first impression online could lead to a nice payday, but if your business has an outdated presence or no presence online, you won’t ever know.

Ready to grow?

If you are trying to maintain your position in the market or grow, you absolutely need a website. If you are planning on hiring, a website plays a vital role in attracting the top talent. Does your website show off your best work to municipalities and to residents, giving them a great first impression? Are you ready to tell the business brokers who are calling that, yes, you might be ready to get out? If so, now is a good time to add another line item into your expenses.

If you would like to learn more about our process and how we are uniquely suited to helping you make that great first impression online, send us an email or give us a call at 713-864-1344 x2. We are ready to help you make that great first impression in a way that fits your budget.