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Benefits of Professional Graphic Design to Business

Creative Thinking Fuels Graphic Design, Grabs Prospects' Attention As an executive at an established business, you may believe your graphic design needs are far behind you. With a logo and brand standards set, it’s easy to overlook the multitude of opportunities to use graphic design to boost your brand’s visibility. You may be focused on growing your customer base and developing new product offerings, but there is plenty of room to use graphic design to illustrate the benefits that your organization provides customers. Whether you’re looking to refresh your brand or need a memorable advertisement that draws new customers [...]

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A Big Win in Graphic Design Awards Houston

Graphic Design Awards Houston We're really excited to share that Tell Your Tale and Mentis Neuro Health have been recognized as a platinum winner for the 2017 Marcom Awards, graphic design awards presented in Houston last month. These brain injury awareness cards proved to be a clever way to break through the "clutter" and grab the attention of healthcare providers looking for experts in brain injury rehabilitation. If you're an executive looking for graphic design with an impact, this is a great project to review.  Project Description: With March dedicated as Brain Injury Awareness Month, Mentis Neuro Health sought a way [...]

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Tips for Improving Photo Resolution

We often are asked for tips on improving photo resolution so that clients can take their own photos for marketing purposes. While I usually recommend a professional photographer for marketing collateral, there are situations when taking photographs on your own makes sense. Thus, we'll share the following tips for taking pictures that can be used for print purposes since the photos will be high resolution. When taking photos for professional use, here are some things to keep in mind so that your photos are taken at the highest resolution. We can always downsize the resolution (or crispness) of a photo [...]

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5 Things to Check When Doing Graphic Design in Photoshop

When working on marketing your business, there are some graphic design basics to keep in mind--whether you've hired a design firm like Tell Your Tale or are handling the marketing in-house. You always want to make sure you have the best type of files for the intended marketing use. Let's go over the basics. 1. Size: Literally, how many inches tall and wide is your image?  2. Resolution: Is the file 72 dots per inch (dpi), 150 dpi or 300 dpi? Dots per inch (dpi) is used for print, while pixels per inch is used for the web and lines [...]

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“Can You Copy This Artwork but Make Enough Changes So It Doesn’t Look Copied?” and Why It Doesn’t Work

An article that appeared in The Fort Bend Star this week prompted discussions about copyright infringement. The article titled "Sugar Land Artist Sues Utah Foundry for Allegedly Copying Statue" talks about how one artist supposedly copied another's work. It's especially bad since the original statue is in Sugar Land while the claimed copy sits an hour away in Pearland. I encourage you to read the article for the details and I've included the photo of the two statues at left (Copyright © 2011 by Fortbendstar.com) so you can judge for yourself if one looks like a copy of the other. [...]

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