Graphic Design Awards Houston
We’re really excited to share that Tell Your Tale and Mentis Neuro Health have been recognized as a platinum winner for the 2017 Marcom Awards, graphic design awards presented in Houston last month. These brain injury awareness cards proved to be a clever way to break through the “clutter” and grab the attention of healthcare providers looking for experts in brain injury rehabilitation. If you’re an executive looking for graphic design with an impact, this is a great project to review. 

Project Description: 
With March dedicated as Brain Injury Awareness Month, Mentis Neuro Health sought a way to be top-of-mind with doctors, nurses and case workers who could refer brain injury patients leaving the hospital to a rehabilitation program. Tell Your Tale pulled together various statistics on brain injuries and designed four cards in the shape of a brain. The double-sided cards shared brain injury facts and contact information for Mentis’ various facilities nationwide. Mentis staff members handed out one card each week of March to increase awareness of brain injuries and resources. Tell Your Tale strategically had a silver ring adhered to the first card so that case workers, nurses and doctors could easily hang the card on their corkboards at work and add each week’s card to the prior one. As shown below, we also leveraged the card designs into images placed on Mentis’ home page that linked to the company blog for deeper content.

Check out our blog later this week for more exciting news about more graphic design awards that Tell Your Tale won.

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