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Project Description

Graphic Design

Project Brief

With March dedicated as Brain Injury Awareness Month, Mentis Neuro Health sought a way to be top-of-mind with doctors, nurses and case workers who could refer brain injury patients leaving the hospital to a rehabilitation program. Tell Your Tale pulled together various statistics on brain injuries and designed four cards in the shape of a brain. The double-sided cards shared brain injury facts and contact information for Mentis’ various facilities. Mentis handed out one card each week of March to increase awareness of brain injuries and resources. We strategically had a silver ring adhered to the first card so that people could easily hang the card on their corkboards at work and add each week’s card to the prior one. We also leveraged the card designs into images placed on Mentis’ home page that linked to the company blog for deeper content.

Project Brief

The Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA) serves as a third-party certifying organization for women-owned business enterprises (WBEs) in south Texas. From time to time, this nonprofit looks to Tell Your Tale to create eye-catching graphics that explain various initiatives. Most recently, WBEA needed a bold marketing piece to showcase the number of women-owned businesses it has helped in the last year as well as vital statistics such as the number of scholarships WBEA has awarded and its revenue contribution to the Houston economy. The marketing piece needed to be easy-to-transport and hand out at events. The material would be shared in print as flyers and distributed electronically.

Logo Design

Logos help instill brand recognition. Creating the right logo requires careful study of color, typeface and the desired impression that the organization wants to have in the marketplace. How logos are used are also critical aspects.

Tell Your Tale creates new logos and branding standards for organizations across industry lines. We also give older logos a facelift to indicate a new direction, re-energize a brand or reflect the latest trends. Our designers love the creative process and our clients love our work.

Ads & Signs


Increase your visibility with a memorable ad that spurs customers to take action. Whether you want to drive foot traffic to a store, announce a new product or location or support a cause, the right design and wording make a lasting impression. We help our clients stay top of mind with their customers.



Strengthen your branding with targeted mailers to prospects and customers. We craft mailers that get noticed and offer an incentive that’s too hard to pass up.

Brochures & Fliers

Our design pieces aren’t just good-looking.
They’re worth holding onto.
Highlight your business in a printed brochure
or flier that introduces you to prospects
and shares needed information.