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It’s Your Business #27

The HCC Small Business Development Program (SBDP) is housed in Procurement Operations. The SBDP allows HCC to produce more effective small business participation and create opportunities relating to HCC contracting and procurement. “It’s Your Business” was developed to highlight the local small businesses who are currently participating in contracting and procurement opportunities at HCC. Guest: Megan Salch, President of Tell Your Tale

Tell Your Tale’s Megan F. Salch talks about the value of the Houston West Chamber to local businesses & the upcoming Women Driving Business luncheon with Michael Bybee on Comcast Newsmakers.

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Marketing B2B & Reaching Corporate Buyers

When you’re a business trying to sell to other businesses, marketing can be tricky. Purchasing decisions are often made based on profits not emotions. So, how do you communicate your message to corporate buyers? Megan Salch, owner of Tell Your Tale Marketing, shares her top three tips on how to effectively market B2B. For more, visit #TwiceTips

Team dynamics make all the difference
in a creative environment.

Read Megan’s interview with Voyage Houston.

Megan Frazier Salch talks Marketing & Life on CBHOUR

Tell Your Tale joined John Whaley April 5th, 2016 on Community Business Hour to discuss marketing branding, marketing communication and most importantly, marketing strategy!