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How to Boost Your Visibility and Revenues with Marketing

Here are 5 marketing efforts that each business leader can undertake to boost visibility and drive revenue. 1. Identify the networking circles that delivered a strong return on your investment (ROI)―both in dollars and time investment. Which ones did not? Ditch the groups that were lackluster and accept that you gave it a try and now know groups that don’t work for your business. Then, invest more in those groups that prove promising. Don’t hesitate to try new networking groups. 2. Show up. It doesn’t do your business any good to become a new member of XYZ organization but not [...]

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Why Your Business Needs a Professional Writer

What separates one company from another in any line of work? There are a lot of different answers to that question. Of course, funding is extremely important. Proper planning for growth and having an exceptional product are imperative to success. All too often, the quality of the written words used to market the business are overlooked. However, successful businesses use professional writers when building a business plan, creating new marketing material and especially when writing blogs and webpages. These are critical aspects to putting a business’ best foot forward. Professional writing is a great differentiator in business. How many [...]

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Internal Communications Rules and Strategy

It’s a common misconception among small and medium-size business owners that only companies that employ several hundred people need strategies or rules for internal communications. After all, if you can walk out of an office and say, “May I have your attention please,” and reach the entire company, do you really need an internal communications strategy? Well, there is a whole new generation and type of worker entering the workforce. If you don’t have a formalized communication strategy, you’d better be prepared to not only open your door, you had better take your door off the hinges. This younger workforce [...]

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How Professional Writing Can Help Your B2B Company

If you’re like most business owners, you’re not a bad writer but your time is better spent building your business. A professionally written biography can play a huge role in helping you land speaking engagements and getting people to recognize you as a thought leader. When you hire a professional writer, you transfer the responsibility onto him/her to get the business writing done, in a timely manner and in an engaging way that helps attract new opportunities for you and your business. What’s more, professional writing highlights your strengths and differentiators—all while telling the readers/prospects that you take this topic seriously. [...]

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Email Briefly

Today's desktop computers tend to be connected to large widescreen monitors. When writing emails at full screen width it can give the false impression that you're being brief. If you're lucky enough to get a reply the message body will only continue to get longer since the original message will be included with the reply to the reply to the reply to the reply to the original message. Looking at the same message at 50% screen width shows it's much more wordy than originally believed. Seeing the same email on a mobile device screen is enough to make you feel [...]

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