How to Boost Your Visibility and Revenues with Marketing

Here are 5 marketing efforts that each business leader can undertake to boost visibility and drive revenue. 1. Identify the networking circles that delivered a strong return on your investment (ROI)―both in dollars and time investment. Which ones did not? Ditch the groups that were lackluster and accept that you gave it a try and now know groups that don’t work for your business. Then, invest more in those groups that prove promising. Don’t hesitate to try new networking groups. 2. Show up. It doesn’t do your business any good to become a new member of XYZ organization but [...]

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The Big Interview

There was a great article in the American Marketing Association’s Marketing News Magazine this month talking to and interviewing marketers who have gone solo in their careers. It inspired me to write a blog post interviewing our very own Megan Salch (who did just that) on her journey to independence. This is a great way for our customers to not only get to know the owner and the company as a whole but what we at Tell Your Tale stand for. Venturing out and becoming an independent business owner can have its challenges but it can be rewarding as well. [...]

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