Here are 5 marketing efforts that each business leader can undertake to boost visibility and drive revenue.

1. Identify the networking circles that delivered a strong return on your investment (ROI)―both in dollars and time investment. Which ones did not? Ditch the groups that were lackluster and accept that you gave it a try and now know groups that don’t work for your business. Then, invest more in those groups that prove promising. Don’t hesitate to try new networking groups.

2. Show up. It doesn’t do your business any good to become a new member of XYZ organization but not participate. Showing up refers to a physical presence, of course, but also a mental one. Be strategic about showing up with intention and accountability. At each networking group, workshop and event you attend, prepare to have a meaningful conversation with at least one new prospect and to gain at least one new knowledge nugget. Committing to “at least one” allows you to make the effort manageable yet focus on getting real value in return.

3. Think about your business’ successful work in 2018 and identify which engagements would be helpful to document as a written case study. Having professionally written pieces that illustrate a client’s problem, the solution and approach, and the positive results allows you to demonstrate to prospects how you help people/organizations, which in turn helps your selling process. It also highlights what went well and why it works, so your organization can find more, similar prospects and repeat your success. That’s a double win.

4. Boost your visibility and dare to tackle different mediums. How can you share your expertise broadly while still targeting prospective clients? Perhaps you can pitch yourself as a speaker on a key topic in your wheelhouse to future conferences targeting your ideal customers. Alternatively, consider partnering with a publication that accepts bylined articles and commit to a quarterly article on agreed-upon subjects.

5. Blog. Yes, this is another way to share your expertise but blogging also fuels your search engine optimization efforts, which should drive inbound marketing efforts and sales. Can you commit to writing a 500-word blog post each month? It’s a great place to start and short enough to accomplish even with a demanding schedule. You can also hire professional writers to help you deliver on this goal.

Now, let’s get to work. Again, what will you do better in 2019?