If you’re like most business owners, you’re not a bad writer but your time is better spent building your business. A professionally written biography can play a huge role in helping you land speaking engagements and getting people to recognize you as a thought leader. When you hire a professional writer, you transfer the responsibility onto him/her to get the business writing done, in a timely manner and in an engaging way that helps attract new opportunities for you and your business.

What’s more, professional writing highlights your strengths and differentiators—all while telling the readers/prospects that you take this topic seriously. Think about it this way: You’ve narrowed down a large company purchase to two vendors. In reviewing the two organizations’ proposals, you realize one has a few typos and the information is choppy. The other proposal is well written, uses images that complement the text and is flat out easier to read. Buyers are more inclined to go with the professionally written piece because the quality of the writing is indicative of the quality of care that’ll be delivered. It’s insight into the values and priorities of the organization. Sure, if the decision will be based solely on the lowest cost, some of this may not apply. However, if your products or services sell based on quality, innovation or another factor, attention to detail matters and professionally written marketing material makes an impact.

Content for Your Website and Blog
A professional writer can boost your organization’s visibility online with well written, fresh content. Search engines like new website content because it provides a reason for users to return to the site. A website that’s launched and then ignored is not likely to continue attracting site visitors. However, a website with new content gives site visitors new ways to engage so search engines reward those sites with better rankings in the search results.

While you may have an old resume that could be dusted off, having a short and long biography that’s professionally written gives you and your business the polished look it needs. As mentioned earlier, biographies can also be used to pitch you for potential speaking opportunities, as a resource for reporters and are often included in requests for proposals (RFPs) to outline your expertise. When you only have once to make a solid, first impression, your biography can help get your foot in the door.

Public relations
Social media has had a definite impact on public relations and yet the importance of press releases remains. A well-written press release helps your organization build brand visibility, highlights your thought leaders for ongoing public relations, links to your website (furthering your SEO efforts) and provides an online record of all your public announcements and how followers have interacted with you online. Strong writing also helps secure the results you need.

Brochures and Marketing Material
A professional writer knows the difference between writing for the web and writing for a printed piece. Without hyperlinks to deeper content and easy definition look-ups, your printed brochures and fliers need to communicate your advantages in a compelling way and within the confines of the printed parameters. A good writer can deliver marketing content that prospects hold onto versus those that are thrown away.

Case Studies and Success Stories

A great way to show prospects the great work you do is through a case study or success story. People intrinsically trust a third-party recommendation over the perceived self-promotion. Do you or your team have time to interview key players, write a compelling success story and secure the needed approvals from your executives and client? Trust a writer to handle this effort. In return you gain more website content and marketing handouts that speak volumes.

While not every organization can afford to staff a full-time writer, many can use a writer on a contract basis or roll the services under a retainer agreement with a marketing firm. The improved brand recognition and sales leads will justify the investment in professional writing for your business.

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