Snapchat is a great way to engage your audience by sending personalized photos aka “snaps.” Users can get creative with the pencil tool and emojis to personalize their snaps to their friends. Photos and up to 10-second videos that are posted to Snapchat disappear after they have been seen unless a user screenshots the image. When viewing a friends’ posts, which on Snapchat are called “stories,” a user can send the photo to friends that they follow.

Is Snapchat something that can help your business? Retail businesses can really benefit from the platform using it for quick demos and product placement shots. Service companies benefit by focusing Snaps on their culture and people. Snapchat can be a goldmine for companies that know how to use it. Strategically implementing Snapchat into your social media strategy can help ensure a good return on your time and/or money investment in the platform.

  • Let your customers get to know you and your company culture.
  • Promote sales and distribution of coupons.
  • Attract new clients & establish a loyal following.
  • Build relationships with new and existing clients.

Not everyone has time to watch a long video but how about a 10-second video that is funny, informative or entices viewers to seek more information? Snapchat is designed for customers to be able to watch a 10-second clip or look at a picture and then hopefully seek more information. There are so many ways to draw in your audience using Snapchat. For instance, customers love to see behind-the-scenes views of your day-to-day office culture. With Snapchat, you can invite them to experience your company culture when you show them pictures and videos of fun team outings. To keep your content from going stale and keep customers engaged, have one employee take over the account each day. With the different personalities throughout your office, the content they post is sure to be interesting every time. Just be sure to have clear guidelines for what content is appropriate to share.

Another way to draw in your audience is to create a Geofilter with either your company logo or a specific filter for an event. When a Geofilter is created for an event, a Snapchat user who is attending the event can snap a picture or video and add the Geofilter to it. That user can then post the snap with that filter to drive engagement.

Some other popular ways to draw in your audience are to give sneak peeks of your team working on a big project and announcing team birthdays, happy hours and holidays.

Snapchat has over 150 million users so it should be a part of your social media strategy. If you need a little help getting started, just contact Tell Your Tale and we’ll be happy to go through some basics or provide a quote on developing the strategy for all your social channels.

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