Snapchat users are looking for fun, informative posts from the people and companies they follow. They want to be entertained, engaged and drawn in and you only have 10 seconds to do that. Chances are your Snapchat followers also follow you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To keep your content from going stale, make sure to keep it fresh on each individual platform. This way, if a customer follows you on all platforms, they will see different content across the board.

Engaging with your followers on Snapchat is a great way to show your company culture making you more relatable to your audience. Post motivational quotes on Mondays and Wednesdays like “Monday Motivation” or “Wisdom Wednesdays” that you feel represent what your company is all about. Throwback Thursday is always a fun way to engage with your audience on Snapchat, too. Have one employee each Thursday snap a baby picture of someone at your office and get your followers to try and guess who is in the picture. Snap videos with questions for your Snapchat followers, for example, “which *blank* topics do you want to learn more about? Tell Us!” Then your followers can reply to your snap with their answers and be sure to follow up with some engagement. This can be a great way to learn what your Snapchat followers are curious about and their feedback can lead to ideas for future inbound marketing content. This will draw in your audience not only on Snapchat but will also drive traffic to your website through your blog posts.

For business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, another great way to leverage Snapchat is to offer coupons for use in the store or online. Sending snaps of specials on products will draw in customers. Snapchat users love to shop online, so tailor your offer to your goal. Offer an online-only coupon for users to shop in your online store or an instore coupon to draw them to the storefront. To do this, a business can snap a coupon to their Snapchat, and their followers are able to screenshot the image and save it to their phone. Also, announcing events and new products can be a great way to attract an audience. In advance of events at the store, show the behind-the-scenes set-up or fun little things like goody bags that you will be giving out at the event that might encourage customers to attend. When opening a new storefront, snap a picture of the storefront and a video of where it is located. A panoramic video or 360° view of the location will help customers find the store.

To find out how Snapchat is helping your business, measure the increase in people following you on Snapchat and then measure the number of coupons used from Snapchat. Include a coupon code to each coupon that is shared with your followers on Snapchat, this way you know where the coupon originated from. Now that you know how Snapchat can help your business, isn’t it time to add it to your social media strategy?

If you need a little help getting started on Snapchat, contact Tell Your Tale and we’ll be happy to go through some basics or provide a quote on developing the strategy for all your social channels.

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