5 Tips for Email Marketing for Restaurants

The restaurant business in Texas is big business. Just in the Houston area, there are more than 10,000 restaurants with the average Houstonian dining out more than residents of any other city—4.1 times per week, compared with the national average of 3.1. Still, the average meal in Houston costs restaurant goers on average $5 less than the national average.1 So how do you connect with patrons and prospects cost effectively and drive them into your restaurant? Did you know 61 percent of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly?2 Email marketing continues to be an effective way to connect with customers across [...]

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Why Public Relations is Better than Advertising

Why PR Makes Strategic Sense A topic in the marketing realm that often causes confusion is the difference between public relations (PR) and advertising. While I believe organizations should have a good mix of both, I also understand that with budget and time constraints, executives must prioritize marketing efforts and the associated budget. In this blog post, we’ll look at the key differences between PR and advertising as well as why PR makes more sense for most organizations. Let me start by saying that I know and respect people in the advertising arena. If your organization is a large corporation [...]

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Why Is Public Relations Strategic?

The Long-term Importance of Using PR When organizations set out to conduct public relations (PR), the first questions to ask are: “What are we hoping to accomplish in general? How can PR help us reach that goal? Are we prepared to enable our PR efforts to really work for our organization?” Rather than just writing a press release and emailing it to some contacts, the outreach should be well thought out to reap the most benefits. Taking a long-term view to PR is important. Let’s explore why PR makes strategic sense. Your PR goals should align with your business goals [...]

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Social Media for Restaurants: How to Attract Hungry Customers

Strategic Social Media Drives Foot Traffic into Restaurants As of 2017, 81 percent of Americans have a social media profile, representing a five percent growth compared to the previous year, according to Statista. Additionally, the number of worldwide social media users is expected to grow to some 2.5 billion by 2018.1 With this whopping number of potential buyers online, many of whom interact with their phones 13 X per hour or 200 X per day,2 social media puts low-cost marketing tools at restauranteurs’ fingertips. Used strategically, social media really can drive hungry customers into restaurants. Here’s how you can make [...]

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Why Hiring an Agency for Social Media Delivers Positive Impacts

When Should Business Owners Use an Agency for Social Media? Social media should be more than posting pretty images and motivational quotations. Depending on the social media platform, you need to measure engagement with your customers, prospects and partners. Is your business team able to measure how they engaged others month over month and are you seeing more engagement over time? Is your team reporting on this each month? As a business owner or leader, if you're not seeing this data shared each month, your company may not be reaching important goals. Alternatively, your internal team over social media may [...]

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With Social Media, Where Should a Business Owner Focus?

With so many social media channels and limited time, not to mention budget, how should a business owner effectively manage all of the options? As with other marketing efforts, we suggest focusing on where your customers are. How do you know which social media tools your customers are using most? Smaller organizations can simply ask customers, while larger businesses will likely need to make use of surveying tools such as Survey Monkey to reach large numbers of customers in an effective manner. You can also leverage the following statistics from our partner Hubspot, published in January 2017.  Facebook: 9 unique [...]

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How Snapchat Can Help Your Business (Part 2): Keeping a Audience

Snapchat users are looking for fun, informative posts from the people and companies they follow. They want to be entertained, engaged and drawn in and you only have 10 seconds to do that. Chances are your Snapchat followers also follow you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To keep your content from going stale, make sure to keep it fresh on each individual platform. This way, if a customer follows you on all platforms, they will see different content across the board. Engaging with your followers on Snapchat is a great way to show your company culture making you more relatable [...]

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How Snapchat can Help Your Business (Part 1)

Snapchat is a great way to engage your audience by sending personalized photos aka “snaps.” Users can get creative with the pencil tool and emojis to personalize their snaps to their friends. Photos and up to 10-second videos that are posted to Snapchat disappear after they have been seen unless a user screenshots the image. When viewing a friends’ posts, which on Snapchat are called “stories,” a user can send the photo to friends that they follow. Is Snapchat something that can help your business? Retail businesses can really benefit from the platform using it for quick demos and product [...]

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The Importance of Key Messages in Marketing Your Business

Are you ready to promote your business or new initiative but find your message isn’t quite resonating with your target buyer? Do your executives know your solutions well but explain the offerings in various ways? When your leaders talk about your organization, does it sound like they’re describing a different company? Often the way professionals talk about their business or special project is full of industry buzz words, acronyms and other vague expressions. The result is conversation that sounds much like the children’s game of telephone where the story that’s being heard is quite different from the initial message told. [...]

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5 Tips for Driving Traffic to Retail Stores During the Holidays

For retailers preparing for the holiday season, time is of the essence. While merchandising experts fill store shelves, are you also finalizing your marketing plans to take full advantage of the holiday shopping season? As an experienced marketing agency for retailers, here are 5 tips for retail marketing during the holidays.   Which outreach activities are you doing to bring shoppers into your storefront early this season? If you have an email list of shoppers and/or a following in social media, contact those shoppers with an early bird coupon. Buy 1, Get 1 offers or a discount on products often get good [...]

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