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How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

If your business sells a visual product such as a restaurant, art gallery or retail space, Instagram offers a host of promotional opportunities for you. While posting photos and videos to Instagram (as well as other social outlets) can be rewarding, this post will examine specific ways to use Instagram Stories to boost your visibility and draw traffic to your venue. First, the key difference between posting to Instagram and posting to Instagram (IG) Stories is that with Stories, you can post multiple photos and videos together in a slide format so that viewers can swipe through the photos [...]

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Instagram + Business = Great Mix for Marketing ROI

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business Instagram is a photo- and video-sharing app that allows users to post and review images from people and brands from all over the world. Brands have flocked to Instagram to keep up with users who are drifting away from written content in favor of beautiful photos that are more engaging and easier to consume. So how can your business and brand get going with Instagram? What's Your Goal for Instagram? Start by defining your business goal for using Instagram. Are you using it because you keep hearing a lot about this [...]

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Fastest Growing Instagram Account & What Matters

With all the buzz around and on social media, I found the statistics I'm about to share with you interesting. The individual behind the social media may be of even greater interest and definitely can teach business a few tricks. Question: Who "broke the record (on Instagram) held for almost a year by former soccer star David Beckham, who took twice as long to gather 1 million followers*"? Don't cheat by looking at the quote attribution. I'm happy to share. Answer: The Pope Amazing. "He hit the million-follower mark in just 12 hours, making his 'our fastest growing account on [...]

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