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How Snapchat Can Help Your Business (Part 2): Keeping a Audience

Snapchat users are looking for fun, informative posts from the people and companies they follow. They want to be entertained, engaged and drawn in and you only have 10 seconds to do that. Chances are your Snapchat followers also follow you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To keep your content from going stale, make sure to keep it fresh on each individual platform. This way, if a customer follows you on all platforms, they will see different content across the board. Engaging with your followers on Snapchat is a great way to show your company culture making you more relatable [...]

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How Snapchat can Help Your Business (Part 1)

Snapchat is a great way to engage your audience by sending personalized photos aka “snaps.” Users can get creative with the pencil tool and emojis to personalize their snaps to their friends. Photos and up to 10-second videos that are posted to Snapchat disappear after they have been seen unless a user screenshots the image. When viewing a friends’ posts, which on Snapchat are called “stories,” a user can send the photo to friends that they follow. Is Snapchat something that can help your business? Retail businesses can really benefit from the platform using it for quick demos and product [...]

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Social Media Management Services in New Year

Like many organizations, you may have set up a FaceBook or Twitter account and you may have even created a blog. However, if you're not using social media management services, you may be asking: "Now what?" I hear time and again that professionals are using many of these tools for personal use but not to build their business. By spending a little time on your social media now, you really can position your company as a market leader and generate sales. If your team has recently experienced unfortunate layoffs and/or if your employees are already too stretched to take on [...]

Get a Leg Up by Pre-Scheduling FaceBook Posts

Many blog readers have heard about the importance of posting regularly to business FaceBook pages. Still, many small and medium businesses struggle to post with any regularity due in large part to professionals wearing multiple hats within their organizations, rather than focusing on social media solely. FaceBook makes it easy to pre-schedule posts so professionals can stay on top of social media needs while balancing other projects. In the following screen capture of our FaceBook page, just below the status field, you'll see a drop-down arrow next to the word "Publish". Click on that drop-down arrow. FaceBook then shows you "Schedule" [...]

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Fastest Growing Instagram Account & What Matters

With all the buzz around and on social media, I found the statistics I'm about to share with you interesting. The individual behind the social media may be of even greater interest and definitely can teach business a few tricks. Question: Who "broke the record (on Instagram) held for almost a year by former soccer star David Beckham, who took twice as long to gather 1 million followers*"? Don't cheat by looking at the quote attribution. I'm happy to share. Answer: The Pope Amazing. "He hit the million-follower mark in just 12 hours, making his 'our fastest growing account on [...]

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Facebook and Pinterest: Where Do I Start?

That's the exact question that I received from one of our clients. Her business is interior design so it's a very visual industry, which also makes it a great place for Pinterest. Since she also is helping people in their homes or businesses, she builds a very personal relationship with them. (When you open people's closets, drawers and wardrobes, you get to know them very well, she told me once.) The personal nature of her business also makes it a natural fit for FaceBook, where people get to know your company in a personal way. Here are a few tips [...]

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Preschedule FaceBook Posts to Promote Your Business, Maximize Your Time

Are you trying to use social media to promote your business but struggling to find the time to do it all? Check out this page that walks you through scheduling your FaceBook posts in advance so you can line up a week's worth of updates in just a few minutes and then get back to your main job. As a marketing company, we do this for ourselves as well as some of our customers in Houston and find it really helps. You don't have to hire a PR firm to boost your social media exposure. Try these simple tips and [...]