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Five Tips for a Successful Retail Website Launch

The day has arrived. After investing money, your time, energy and talent and that of your team on developing your business’ new website, launch day is here! If you're like most people, you’re comfortable with consuming information from the Internet, but putting a new website out there is not in your wheelhouse. Fear not. Here are some quick tips to help have a successful retail website launch. First, make sure the team you're working with has launched other websites. This seems like a no-brainer, right? The truth is a lot of things must happen in the right order to [...]

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10 Marketing Tips for Opening a Retail Store

Whether you're opening your first retail store or adding an additional location, marketing the grand opening is critical to letting local consumers know about your shop and enticing buyers to visit early and often. Here are 10 marketing tips for opening a retail store with consumers ready to buy. First, define your ideal customer. Pinpoint characteristics such as their gender, age, work status, family make-up (married with kids versus single, etc.), preferences on how they enjoy spending free time, annual salary and likely disposable income. This information will guide your marketing decisions so you can invest in marketing that [...]

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How and Why to Personalize Retail Marketing

Retailers can make great strides in increased engagement, sales and referrals by relying more on personalized marketing. A recent study indicates that, “Personalization can be a huge boon for retailers and consumers. Targeted communications that are relevant and useful can create lasting customer loyalty and drive revenue growth of 10 to 30 percent.”(1) How and when the personalized outreach is done is key to the campaign’s success. In this post, we’ll discuss mistakes to avoid, ways to personalize marketing and drive foot traffic into stores. Mistakes to Avoid When Personalizing Marketing I appreciate being welcomed to a storefront when [...]

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10 Marketing Tips for Opening a New Restaurant

The love of cooking, a long history working in restaurants, free food and great people… These are a few of the reasons people cite for working in the restaurant industry. Some translate that passion into opening a new restaurant and owning it. Still, the restaurant business is not for the faint of heart and garnering a crowd of hungry customers is serious business. Here are 10 marketing tips for opening a new restaurant with patrons ready to eat and pay. First, define your ideal customer. It isn’t everyone in town. Get specific regarding their likes and dislikes, age, work status, [...]

5 Tips for Driving Traffic to Retail Stores During the Holidays

For retailers preparing for the holiday season, time is of the essence. While merchandising experts fill store shelves, are you also finalizing your marketing plans to take full advantage of the holiday shopping season? As an experienced marketing agency for retailers, here are 5 tips for retail marketing during the holidays.   Which outreach activities are you doing to bring shoppers into your storefront early this season? If you have an email list of shoppers and/or a following in social media, contact those shoppers with an early bird coupon. Buy 1, Get 1 offers or a discount on products often get good [...]

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