12 Areas of Your Website That Should Be Kept Current

As someone who loves to learn something new every chance I get, it’s exciting to see rapid advances in technology are connecting more people every day. This is also leading to a broader set of creative minds coming together to solve complex problems and inventing entirely new products and services. A lot of information is being generated as well, at times more than we can process, so we’re having to invent new ways to manage it all. Just as important is the need for up-to-date and relevant information. Secure, reliable and fast platforms to support this are required as [...]

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Do you really own your data?

With the big push toward the cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) products, the need to retain control of your data becomes a concern. Being careful whom you trust with your data is vital for every business. What is Website Hosting? Websites need a place to exist where they can be easily accessed by visitors external to your organization. Web hosting refers to the servers, file and database storage of your website in a datacenter usually provided by a third-party vendor such as WP Engine. The exception might be when your website is an intranet site, which is [...]

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