Media Relations: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

To earn your products media coverage during the holidays, pitch for the holiday gift guides now. It’s indeed still hot in the summer, so it’s challenging to think ahead to the holiday season. However, if you want your products to be featured in magazines' holiday gift guides, the time to pitch is now (August). Most national magazines work on a 3-6 month lead time in terms of lining up the articles they’ll include in each issue. That means media relations strategists have Christmas sales and promotions on their minds as early as July and August. With this lead time in [...]

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What’s your PR strategy for 2019?

What does your PR plan look like for the New Year? Do you have a defined public relations (PR) strategy? PR includes press releases but should take a broader look. (Yes, PR is much more than a press release.) It also includes how your business communicates with your shareholders (for public companies at least), board of directors, employees, customers and prospects, as well as the outside community. Having a PR plan for the New Year is important, so that you can align how and when you will communicate with your key audiences tied to your overall business strategy. Here [...]

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Why Public Relations is Better than Advertising

Why PR Makes Strategic Sense A topic in the marketing realm that often causes confusion is the difference between public relations (PR) and advertising. While I believe organizations should have a good mix of both, I also understand that with budget and time constraints, executives must prioritize marketing efforts and the associated budget. In this blog post, we’ll look at the key differences between PR and advertising as well as why PR makes more sense for most organizations. Let me start by saying that I know and respect people in the advertising arena. If your organization is a large corporation [...]

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The Importance of Key Messages in Marketing Your Business

Are you ready to promote your business or new initiative but find your message isn’t quite resonating with your target buyer? Do your executives know your solutions well but explain the offerings in various ways? When your leaders talk about your organization, does it sound like they’re describing a different company? Often the way professionals talk about their business or special project is full of industry buzz words, acronyms and other vague expressions. The result is conversation that sounds much like the children’s game of telephone where the story that’s being heard is quite different from the initial message told. [...]

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