Graphic design is so much more than a sharp-looking logo and intriguing color choices. Tell Your Tale Marketing helps our clients create cohesive, memorable branding graphics that effectively communicate with target audiences. From logos and branding packages to eBooks, we position our clients for success with well-executed graphics that draw attention and keep you top-of-mind.

Graphic Design

Project Brief

Corporate Move Consulting Inc. (CMCI) was looking for an innovative tradeshow booth with loads of flexibility. Tell Your Tale Marketing & Design designed 12 cubes for an easy-to-change, dynamic booth property. With a custom message or image on each side of all 12 cube walls, CMCI now can tailor its booth to its conference audience. One side focuses on moving organizations in the healthcare industry, while another cube set-up speaks to corporations relocating. Still other cube sides focus on the benefits to client organizations that use CMCI for their moves, such as improved staff comfort. Each cube weighs just 6 pounds so they’re easy to carry, too. Additionally, Tell Your Tale designed a 6.5-foot tall retractable banner that can be used at smaller events or combined with the cube wall for additional impact. CMCI reported that it’s gotten a great response to its tradeshow materials.

Cubes for an easy-to-change, dynamic booth property with a custom message or image on each side of all 12 cube walls designed by Tell Your Tale Marketing & Design for Corporate Move Consulting, Inc. (CMCI) in Houston, TX

Tell Your Tale Marketing & Design streamlined a 14 page brochure into a more friendly 8 page brochure and reduced printing costs in the process.Project Brief

Mentis Neuro Health had a 14-page brochure that covered its offerings but was costly to produce and a bit daunting for families whose loved one had recently experienced a traumatic brain injury. The client needed a piece that was thorough, yet inviting and cost-effective to produce. Tell Your Tale answered the call by streamlining the content into an 8-page brochure that shared the details that families truly need about brain injury rehabilitation, including program options, admission and insurance coverage. The piece also encourages readers to visit certain web pages for more information. We also collaborated with a printer to create this as a lighter weight handout that was less expensive to print.

Tell Your Tale Marketing & Design translated the brochure from English to Spanish for the client's El Paso, San Antonio and Houston markets.The response to the new piece was so positive that we’ve ordered several additional print runs and have translated the 8-page brochure into Spanish for use in the El Paso, San Antonio and Houston markets.

Tell Your Tale Marketing & Design designed a full-page advertisement that would run in DISTRICT Magazine, the only luxury lifestyle magazine in Houston catering specifically to four distinct neighborhoods of Houston’s most affluent addresses and active consumers for Regina Gust Luxe Seasonal & Floral Decor.

Project Brief

Project Brief

Regina Gust needed a full-page advertisement that would run in DISTRICT Magazine, the only luxury lifestyle magazine in Houston catering specifically to four distinct neighborhoods of Houston’s most affluent addresses and active consumers. With a good understanding of the magazine’s readers and the client’s targets, Tell Your Tale designed an ad that highlights the gorgeous holiday décor services that Regina’s company provides to both commercial and residential clients as well as the floral designs ideal for life’s most important events. Tell Your Tale created and submitted this advertisement in less than one week. The client is excited to see the responses generated from the ad.

“It’s fabulous. Thank you for the hard work. You are my go to girl for success.”
– Regina Gust

Tell Your Tale Marketing & Design designed a set of double-sided cards for Brain Injury Awareness Month.

Project Brief

With March dedicated as Brain Injury Awareness Month, Mentis Neuro Health sought a way to be top-of-mind with doctors, nurses and case workers who could refer brain injury patients leaving the hospital to a rehabilitation program. Tell Your Tale pulled together various statistics on brain injuries and designed four cards in the shape of a brain. The double-sided cards shared brain injury facts and contact information for Mentis’ various facilities. Mentis handed out one card each week of March to increase awareness of brain injuries and resources. We strategically had a silver ring adhered to the first card so that people could easily hang the card on their corkboards at work and add each week’s card to the prior one. We also leveraged the card designs into images placed on Mentis’ home page that linked to the company blog for deeper content.

Project Brief

The Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA) serves as a third-party certifying organization for women-owned business enterprises (WBEs) in south Texas. From time to time, this nonprofit looks to Tell Your Tale to create eye-catching graphics that explain various initiatives. Most recently, WBEA needed a bold marketing piece to showcase the number of women-owned businesses it has helped in the last year as well as vital statistics such as the number of scholarships WBEA has awarded and its revenue contribution to the Houston economy. The marketing piece needed to be easy-to-transport and hand out at events. The material would be shared in print as flyers and distributed electronically.

Project Brief

Client: Halford Busby, a construction consulting firm

Objective: Halford Busby planned to attend a higher education industry conference and wanted a brochure to showcase the industry-specific work it has completed. The brochure needed to highlight its extensive experience in the education market, yet be a piece that prospects would carry home for future reference. With the conference fast approaching, the timeline to design and print the piece was tight.

Solution: Tell Your Tale helped Halford Busby by first identifying the types of higher ed projects that it had completed. Our marketing firm then outlined the content and recommended flow of the brochure based on the project types and photography that was available for each project. Next, Tell Your Tale drafted the text to describe each project, Halford Busby’s history and experience in this industry. Upon final approval of the text, Tell Your Tale designed the brochure and incorporated the finalized text. The approved design was submitted to the printer in time for the high-end brochure to be printed and taken to the conference. The response by the client and prospects was quite favorable.

“I just wanted to let you know the brochures turned out excellent!! They were absolutely perfect!! You did fabulous!! Thank you so much… I couldn’t ask for a better job well done.

Thank you, thank you!!”
Esther Halford

Fliers designed by the Tell Your Tale Grapic Design team for Broussard LogisticsProject Brief

Client: Broussard Logistics

Objective: Broussard Logistics wanted to share its transportation and logistics expertise more broadly with clients and prospects. The company needed professionally formatted content that could be shared to stay front and center with its target audiences.

Solution: After writing the thought leadership articles, Tell Your Tale created a custom flier that would give Broussard Logistics a consistent, professional feel for its thought leadership. The fliers can easily be emailed or printed. A custom chart was also designed to illustrate the growth stages of third-party logistics (3PL) providers and how Broussard Logistics can help in each phase. Not only was the chart used in one of the articles, but it also is being used in internal training of Broussard Logistics sales team.

Project Brief

Client: La Escondida Mexican Grill

Objective: Our client sought an inexpensive way to remind restaurant patrons about La Escondida’s catering and delivery services.

Solution: Tell Your Tale designed a simple 3″ x 3″ sticker, highlighting the two restaurants’ catering and delivery services. The upscale font and clean design emphasizes the high quality of food and service that accompanies the catering and delivery. One sticker is adhered to the outside of each bill holder so that patrons see the sticker as a soft reminder when in-store bills are delivered to the table. Additionally, we designed a bill insert that’s 3″ x 5″ that patrons see when they open the bill holder. Opposite of the in-store bill, this insert uses a colorful photo of a popular catered dish as well as the phone number and web page for catering options. Patrons are encouraged to take this insert with them. It’s the perfect size to slide into a wallet, purse or pocket. Additionally, we created numerous other graphics for this client to help patrons remember these restaurants for key holidays and dining opportunities.

Project Brief

Client: Memorial Financial Services Corp.

Objective: The client wanted to refresh its logo to give it a three-dimensional feel and update the color choices. Then, the client wanted to redesign its business cards, although the CEO would have a slightly different card than the other team members.

Solution: We updated the colors in the logo to align more with the client’s target audience and then gave some depth to the image in the logo. We created two versions of the business card so that the CEO could have a unique back side that highlights his area of expertise.

Logo Design

Logos help instill brand recognition. Creating the right logo requires careful study of color, typeface and the desired impression that the organization wants to have in the marketplace. How logos are used are also critical aspects.

Tell Your Tale creates new logos and branding standards for organizations across industry lines. We also give older logos a facelift to indicate a new direction, re-energize a brand or reflect the latest trends. Our designers love the creative process and our clients love our work.

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Increase your visibility with a memorable ad that spurs customers to take action. Whether you want to drive foot traffic to a store, announce a new product or location or support a cause, the right design and wording make a lasting impression. We help our clients stay top of mind with their customers.

Featherston Sign Partners Ad created by the Tell Your Tale Graphic Design team.



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