Project Description

Client: Featherston Sign Partners

Objective: For this new business, the client was seeking a website design that was modern, responsive, easy-to-navigate and reflected the owners’ patriotism. The website needed to be easy-to-expand and manage as the business continues to grow.

Solution: Tell Your Tale designed and developed a responsive website using WordPress as its foundation and leverage Featherston Sign Partners’ branding elements that are visually appealing, easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate and simple-to-maintain. The website features both static and rotating images throughout the site to showcase the client’s products and services, as well as patriotic-themed elements including calls to action (CTAs) in the header against a star field background, star-shaped bullet points, star field footer background and a star-themed “to top” button. A “sticky” header section ensures the Featherston Sign Partners logo is always visible and the website navigation is always accessible.