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Israel Isassi has been involved in the computer and electronics industry for over 30 years as a manager, consultant, website designer/developer and applications programmer, as well as having worked as a field support technician. Israel leads the web services team at Tell Your Tale Marketing & Design, where he specializes in sites using Adobe Business Catalyst, WordPress and Sitecore. Beyond designing and building websites, Israel studies clients’ website analytics and consults on needed changes to increase site traffic and enhance user interaction.

HCA Small Business Committee “Ask The Experts” Lunch ‘N Learn

Houston Contractors Association (HCA)'s Small Business Committee is hosting an "Ask The Experts" Lunch 'N Learn event on Wednesday, June 26th from 11am to 1pm at the HCA Office: 4001 Sherwood Lane / 77092. We have six expert speakers: Tiko Hausman of TKO Biz Solutions, small business certifications expert Yusef Muhammad of SCORE Association, business resources expert Brian Manning of mc2 civil inc., construction expert Tony Henshaw from the City of Houston, city work expert Liz Lara Carreno of GoldmanSachs 10K Small Business, small business expert Megan F. Salch of Tell Your Tale Marketing & Design, marketing expert The [...]

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SEO + SMM: Aren’t They the Same?

According to a recent survey, nearly 80 percent of small businesses with an SEO strategy are confident in their understanding of SEO best practices. Many of those same businesses list social media as part of their SEO strategy, which indicates the understanding of SEO is not quite as clear as business owners might believe.“Small business owners can often get their wires crossed when it comes to SEO strategies, usually mentioning things like social media.” - Ryan ScollonSource: https://themanifest.com/seo/small-business-seo-best-practices-2019Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on organic search results bringing traffic to your website, brand awareness, lead generation and reputation management. SEO includes [...]

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Does My Website Need a Facelift or Forklift Upgrade?

Download our guide "Does My Website Need a Facelift or Forklift" to learn more. Related Articles Why WordPress Makes Sense for Business Websites Make Your Website Social Media-Friendly or Else! Why Website Speed Matters

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SSL Certificates: Things You Should Know

As of March 12, 2019, there were nearly 1.7 billion websites and 44,730 were hacked on that date, according to Internet Live Stats. Like most statistics, there is usually more to the numbers below the surface. At first glance, we see many sites were hacked, but still a small number relative to the total number of websites. It’s been estimated that approximately 75 percent of “websites” are parked domains or something similar. This means that the approximate true number of websites is 418,101,494, which makes that 44,730 number much more of a concern. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) was developed [...]

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Search Engines Provide Aggregated Results

It’s March 12, 2019 and the 30th birthday of the World Wide Web. Ten years later, Google was founded. Search engines have become an integral part of our daily lives by helping us find answers to nearly any question we can think of. We even have fun with search engines by asking Alexa “what’s your favorite color?” or “are you a spy?” Search engines are continuously evolving in the feature sets they offer, but their purpose of helping searchers find key information has not changed. A feature recently introduced that’s becoming more prevalent at an exponential pace is aggregated [...]

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Local SEO – Part Three

Tools of the Trade In part one of this series, we discussed how local SEO strategy can affect small businesses. In part two, we highlighted a single industry and explained how local SEO helps the business and consumers as well. If you’re still not convinced how important local SEO is, consider the following statistics. 78 percent of local mobile searches result in offline purchases. (HubSpot) 18 percent of local mobile searches lead to a sale within one day. (Google) 50 percent of local mobile searchers are looking for business information like a local address. (Go-Globe) 50 percent of consumers [...]

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Local SEO – Part Two

Part one of this series introduced Local SEO. This post is going to focus on one trade to show what a searcher experiences and highlight some areas you might want to work on for your business. “Plumbers near me” While located in Houston’s 77018 zip code, on a desktop, a search for “plumbers near me” resulted in the screen capture below. This appeared at the very top of the search results, in fact, above the search results. Take note of the “Sponsored” label in the top right corner, which indicates these three search results are paid ads. These are [...]

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Local SEO – Part One

According to Google, nearly 1/3rd of all mobile searches are related to location (as of 2016 data). Most local search terms tend to be along the lines of “restaurants near me” or “restaurants in the Heights” for example, indicating most likely the searcher is planning where to eat soon or has an immediate need. Sending the right signals to clients, prospects and search engines is crucial to connecting with people at the right time. These statistics from Google make it clear that local SEO should be taken seriously. 50 percent of consumers who conducted a local search on their [...]

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Migrating WordPress to PHP 7

WordPress is written in the PHP programming and scripting language. The developers of PHP have stopped releasing feature updates and bug fixes for PHP 5.6 and security updates will cease December 31, 2018. Some web hosts such as WP Engine have published articles on their blog and sent emails to their customers recommending they move away from PHP versions older than PHP 7. While PHP 5.6 will still be available and continue to function, it would be wise to move to PHP 7 sooner rather than later. PHP 7 brings new features and performance improvements that are mostly of [...]

HTTPS Alone Is Not Enough

Add another layer of website security by implementing HSTS You’ve probably been hearing HTTP and HTTPS being discussed a lot in relation to website security. Google has been encouraging website owners to convert their sites from HTTP to HTTPS to improve security for site owners and visitors. This effort has been escalating to the point where Google’s Chrome browser now shows a “not secure” message near the address bar to notify users when they are visiting a site that does not use HTTPS. This has had the positive effect of causing more site owners to make the switch. Yes, [...]

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