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Israel Isassi has been involved in the computer and electronics industry for over 30 years as a manager, consultant, website designer/developer and applications programmer, as well as having worked as a field support technician. Israel leads the web services team at Tell Your Tale Marketing & Design, where he specializes in sites using Adobe Business Catalyst, WordPress and Sitecore. Beyond designing and building websites, Israel studies clients’ website analytics and consults on needed changes to increase site traffic and enhance user interaction.

I Need Hosting for My WordPress Site

Once you’ve decided what Content Management System (CMS) your website will be built on, a crucial next step is determining which web host to use. We’ll be discussing how to choose web hosting for WordPress websites. Hosting Requirements WordPress itself has minimal hosting needs, however, the templates andplugins added to WordPress have their own requirements that need to be addressed individually and in relation to each other. For example, it’s possible that two plugins may have conflicting software requirements. Support and performance requirements for your website can make the decision a bit more complex. The recommended minimum system requirements for [...]

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12 Areas of Your Website That Should Be Kept Current

As someone who loves to learn something new every chance I get, it’s exciting to see rapid advances in technology are connecting more people every day. This is also leading to a broader set of creative minds coming together to solve complex problems and inventing entirely new products and services. A lot of information is being generated as well, at times more than we can process, so we’re having to invent new ways to manage it all. Just as important is the need for up-to-date and relevant information. Secure, reliable and fast platforms to support this are required as well. [...]

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Why Website Speed Matters

The rapid growth of access to high speed devices connected to high speed networks has resulted in people being able to consume a large amount of information from a wide variety of sources in a very short time period. This happens every day and every day it seems to happen faster and on a larger scale.  It’s become more important than ever to respect your customers time and provide the least path of resistance wherever possible. In this article we’re going to identify some barriers to a successful website and how to tackle those barriers. We expect speed A website [...]

Improve B2B Services Through a Website

The B2B website can save you time by providing clients with detailed product specifications and graphics instead of you having to provide it. Your client will get the information he or she needs more quickly which improves customer satisfaction and can improve brand trust by creating the perception of openness. Product Specifications & Manuals Product specifications in a downloadable format on your website can be helpful to your prospective customers by making it easier for them to add your product information to a purchasing project they may be working on. Phoenix Contact has a “Generate product PDF” button in their product [...]

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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

The easy answer is “because everyone has a website” but that’s not a good enough answer, nor should it be.  Everyone is talking about the latest social media platform. The idea that websites are dead frequently is chanted, but the same has been said about email for at least a decade.  In this article, I’ll provide seven reasons your business needs to have a website. 1. Credibility Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are all great communications tools, but the benefits are mostly for them.  The more you share on their sites, the more information they gain to push ads to their [...]

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What is Involved in Starting an Online Store? (Part 1)

An online store is an extension of a physical location, but has special needs since it is essentially open 24x7. Also, you may never get to have a personal interaction with customers so interaction throughout must be more engaging and detailed.  Choosing the right ecommerce platform can make or break an online store. Domain Name A domain name is simply the address of your online business like the address of your physical store location and all websites must have one to be found. To find a domain name for your business, you can begin by searching on a domain registrar’s [...]

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Digital Authenticity

“There is no intellectual or emotional substitute for the authentic, the original, the unique masterpiece.” - Paul Mellon Before Internet access became prevalent, information shared was primarily through print, television and radio marketing.  This made it easy for brands to control the perception of their products and services, and some companies took advantage of this through what is essentially false advertising. For example, when the medical community became concerned with the health risks associated with smoking, cigarette companies responded by having other health experts tout benefits of smoking such as improving digestion or protecting the lining of the throat.  With [...]

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Web Designer vs. Web Developer

As a marketing agency that is also a web design company, we’re often asked the difference between a web designer and a web developer. Good question. These terms are often used interchangeably, which can be detrimental to the end client. Let’s explore the differences between a web designer and a web developer, and review some key questions to help you determine which professional you need. Web Designer A web designer primarily focuses on the aesthetics of the website using graphics design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to design the layout and style of a website much the same [...]

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WordPress and Business Catalyst Comparison

Implementing a Content Management System (CMS) is not a one-size-fits-all situation and requires a comprehensive analysis to arrive at the best decision.  This article provides a high-level overview of WordPress and Business Catalyst that can be helpful when deciding which CMS to use.  Keep in mind that both systems are constantly evolving to meet market demands and to keep up with the latest trends in technology industry. Total number of websites As of March 1, 2016 at around 5:20 pm CST the total number of websites was 996,545,487 according to Internet Live Stats. Business Catalyst claims to host over 120,000 active [...]

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Email Briefly

Today's desktop computers tend to be connected to large widescreen monitors. When writing emails at full screen width it can give the false impression that you're being brief. If you're lucky enough to get a reply the message body will only continue to get longer since the original message will be included with the reply to the reply to the reply to the reply to the original message. Looking at the same message at 50% screen width shows it's much more wordy than originally believed. Seeing the same email on a mobile device screen is enough to make you feel [...]

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